Our goal for 2014 is $180,000. The 2014 offering was received in churches all over Kalamazoo on November 30, 2014 and will be used to fund the following projects:


A goal of $60,000 for Benard’s Vision Schools in Kenya to fund the completion of the staff housing 6-plex which will reduce salary costs by $1,000 per month and for the completion of the Wachara classroom building.


A goal of $60,000 for King Solomon’s Academy in Uganda to fund the completion of the church auditorium, school assembly hall and school cafeteria.


A goal of $30,000 for Jesus Loves Kalamazoo to fund the resources necessary for follow up with individuals at their point of need.

A goal of $30,000 for Kalamazoo Love INC to mobilize more churches and Christ-followers to truly help more people in need. Funding is needed for the Journey Forward program to move those in need toward life transformation.


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